Women’s Wholesale Clothing Brand

In 1993, Mrs. Lin decided to mark her prominence in the fashion industry by providing nothing less than fashionable clothes and exceptional customer service. Her collection constituted various fashion labels as well as designs of her own. She is determined to mark her presence in the industry.


Grifflin was born out of this resolution and continues to serve people with fresh, unique, and affordable clothing for all occasions.


Mrs. Lin made Grifflin into a thriving family business. With outlets opening in Paris’ Voltaire district, one in the Sentier district, and one in Auberviller, the French Fashion district (Cifa Mall), Grifflin was rapidly expanding and gaining popularity in Paris for its designs and ambition. The business thrived for 15 years, and it was time to take things to the next level.


Clothing has been Mrs. Lin’s passion; she understood the market gaps and aimed at bridging them with her bright design ideas and dedication to ensuring all clothing pieces are made for every body type!  In 2006, things began to change as Grifflin Paris opened its first-ever outlet in the L.A fashion district by the oldest son in the empire, Franck Zheng. With the production warehouses in China, the family ensures all quality standards are met. The family is devoted to catering to everyone’s fashion needs.


Bringing Trendy Clothes Closer to Your Wardrobe!

Today, Grifflin Paris sells its range of clothing items in department stores like Nordstrom and JC Penney. Aside from this, Grifflin Paris has also made designs for private brands like the Banana Republic, Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Haute look, and BCBG, as well as on private labels including Fashion Nova and Buckle On.


Grifflin offers nothing less than exceptional when it comes to women’s apparel. We ensure the highest quality of products at all times. Our designs are made to enhance the natural beauty and confidence in women to bring out their true selves with a touch of class!


Grifflin is at the heart of the wholesale fashion district. Don't miss out; Check out our great collections!